“Will we ever be done studying?!”

The question we’ve been asking ourselves for 2 years now. The end, however, has finally come. Our classes end on November 24th and Steve will be taking his big language test on November 26th. Although we will always be learning more of this language and culture, we are very proud of all we’ve accomplished these last two years. We are SO grateful to our team of supporters, friends, family & leaders for believing in us and encouraging us to keep studying. We are confident that we will continue to see the fruit of this season for years to come.

Another adventure begins!

Our desire has always been to share the Gospel with the Thai people. We desperately want more and more people in this beautiful country to have a relationship with the one true God.

But how should we do that?
That has been our question since moving here 2 years ago. Now that our season of language study is done, we are eager to explore the different regions and ministries in Thailand. In the year 2017 we will have the opportunity to work with different ministries in hopes that we will learn more about how our future ministry in Thailand can look and what God has placed us in this country to do.
This time in Bangkok has been a great time of networking and hearing about the awesome things that God is doing all over Thailand. We will  be starting out our year of exploration by joining a church planting team with YWAM for 3 months in a small village bordering the North and Central regions of Thailand where we’ll be doing some community development work, church planting and whatever else the Lord may have in store for us. From what we’ve heard this village has electricity, but no access to internet. It’ll be a big change from life in Bangkok the past few months, but we are so SO excited to make good use of our Thai in a completely unreached part of the nation.  This is an amazing opportunity for us to experience village life and have a chance to live in a community with NO BELIEVERS for 3 months. 

Fellow Thai students and
Steve’s teacher

Chanelle staffing Coaching Seminar in Thai

Acoustic Night!

We love this country. We are so excited for what God is going to do through us in the future here.
This is only the beginning!

Much love,
Steve & Chanelle