Recently, I (Steve) had the chance to share with a male prostitute in our neighborhood. As I was telling him my testimony, and about what it meant to follow God, he asked me, “Can I open up my heart to God?” Yes. Yes, you can. (That’s the sort of thing that you wish EVERY person you talked to would say.) He shared with me how he had thought he wasn’t good enough to even set foot in a church, and I in turn got to share with him about God’s fierce love for all his kids, His acceptance and forgiveness for all of our failures. The more he heard about who God is, and what it meant to follow him, the more he vocalized that THIS is what he wanted. I got to pray with him right then and there, and watch him give his life to the Lord. I know this is the beginning of a difficult road for him. Please join us in praying that he will join the community of believers at Rak Teh, and that we will continue to have opportunities to love him well. 


Yep. God did it. Why are we even surprised? It was down to the wire. We had already booked plane tickets to Laos because we knew we needed to leave the country. The week before we were supposed to fly out, a friend of ours connected us to Celeste; the founder of a foundation called Dton Naam. Dton Naam’s mission is to offer young men and transgender sex workers an opportunity to leave prostitution and give them counseling, job training, healthcare and education. Our visa will be under their foundation and Steve will volunteer in the area of accounting and possibly some music lessons for the guys in their programs, and we will both do some outreach to the male prostitutes



This month marks the 1 year anniversary of the King’s passing. During Oct 23-27 there will be cremation ceremonies taking place near the grand palace which is very close to where we are living. Thousands of Thai’s will pass through, daily, to mourn and pay their respects. rak Teh is having a weeklong 24/7 prayer and worship time for Thailand during that week. Join us in praying for Thais, this transition, and an openness to the gospel.

Read more about Dton Naam’s mission, programs & outreach:

Crowds gathering to mourn outside the Grand Palace 1 year ago. Steve and I were among the crowd that day